Love Machine

Love Machine

Friday 5th July
21:00 - 01:00 | Pub

Love Machine floats somewhere between audiophile sound system nerdism and hoarding party block vinyl.

Based in SE London, Darren has been collecting slabs of the black stuff since he was 13. In 1992 he walked into a magical field of neon lights, which ultimately led to his love affair of playing dance music.

He has been one of the supporting members of Lucky Cloud Sound System for the past fifteen years. Lucky Cloud being a long-running London party descended from David Mancuso’s legendary NYC Loft parties and embodies some simple core principles; incredible sound, an inclusive atmosphere and a timeless soundtrack. These core values spawned the idea to create his own sound system, as a gift to the London night owls.

Love Machine gets a kick out of flicking genres, switching the mood, picking up the pace, slowing things down, slapping down something that is instantly recognisable or playing outside of the box. Depending on the mood of the night, the sound will move from sleazy disco to oddball pop, from Africana to reggae, from Latino to house and all things in between… …and only on vinyl.

See you in that special place. LM x