Food and Drink

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Need food and drink? You won’t be let down as we are extremely excited to have a Game of Bones at the Fellowship & Star as our resident in-house kitchen! Chef Gary Tunstall brings his love for food to the Fellowship & Star. With a mission to explore, experiment and cultivate his cooking, serving his exquisitely crafted chow to his friends, family and you to reap the rewards of his healthy and exotic food. So come and join us for some feasting and Fellowship fun. Check out the bar menu.

You need a tasty beverage to wash it down? We’ve got your usual thirst-quenchers and a lovely selection of craft and local beers.

A Game of Bones

Delicious, fresh and seasonal ingredients

Chef Gary Tunstall came up with A Game of Bones whilst doing a pop-up. The idea was drawn up from a place Gary had worked at that used a lot of game meat, Gary’s passion. He wanted to keep that and introduce international flavours to the mix. From 26th May 2019 the company “A Game of Bones” was founded.

With A Game of Bones everything has a use; nose to tail, nothing goes to waste. It borrows influences from Gary’s travels and his wife’s heritage. Everything is made by hand, from buns to finishing sauces using delicious, fresh and seasonal ingredients always.

A Game of Bones aims to be friendly, pure and creative.